Slotland Slot Player Wins Big With Ice Queen

December 2013 – it was recently reported that a Slotland Player, Charles N., won big by Gamble-Onlineplaying the Ice Queen slot machines. He won a jackpot of $182,782. While many players are considering cars and luxury travel around Christmas time, he plans on enjoying some of the simpler things in life. He has considered skydiving as well is a trip to Peru, though the first thing is to host a large celebration with his family and friends.

Ice Queen is a unique game that steps out of the pages of Hans Christian Anderson. The winter fantasy features a bonus game that comes to life. The bonus game is known for its illustrations and animations, depicting a boy that was kidnapped by the Ice Queen and a sister who is on a rescue mission. Free spins, multipliers and wild symbols are abundant.

Players are given the opportunity to choose a magic wand, which they will use to shatter various ice statues. As they shatter statues, extra chips will be one.

While there are over a dozen different mobile slots available, including for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry, Ice Queen has become one of the favorites during this holiday season.

Prior to Charles N. winning, Bobby S. was the last jackpot winner – winning a total of $135,417. He had played Ice Queen as well but won on another favourite, Heavy Metal.

There are various laws for gambling in the United Kingdom and many players have learned to check out the ones offered online so that they have the opportunity to play different slot machines. For those who choose to play in the actual casinos, there are different levels of slot machines – which determines how much a person is able to wager and win.

Around the UK, players are taking advantage of the different online and mobile slot machines. Slotland has proven that it is capable of providing significant jackpots. If a person were to win one of these jackpots, is a life-changing amount of money – and this is why so many people are anxious to play them throughout the holiday season.

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