Meet and Succeed


The vast majority of Hotel Casinos cannot depend on making all their profits from gaming alone. They must count on additional revenue from food, merchandise, normal accommodations, and forms of entertainment other than gaming in order to meet their annual financial goals. For these reasons, a huge number of establishments in Las Vegas go to great lengths to make their establishments extremely attractive to businesses, corporations, and conferences. The Venetian and The Plazzo in Las Vegas have succeeded in these efforts, being named the number 3 hotels for meetings in the Las Vegas area. The rankings have been compiled by Cvent, a leading organization that works with cloud-based enterprises and event management platforms. This list is the second annual release of these rankings in which 100 different hotels and venues throughout the United States and the world were considered.

The recognition is one that is being welcomed by the owners and managers of these establishments. They have put a considerable number of resources into developing the amenities that are necessary for the business professional and associated attendees to experience convenience, productivity, and efficiency when it comes to using their services and facilities in this capacity. The Cvent Supplier Network has given this company plenty of data to make a well-informed decision. A substantial part of Cvent’s services includes providing an online marketplace in which corporate meeting resources are available to event planners of all kinds. There were specific data points that were considered during the survey as the results were tallied. These points included the location of the venue, the conversion rates of currency, and unique profile elements that allowed them to create a list with accurate rankings worldwide. Any business, corporation, or organization can count on these rankings as a valuable guide when it comes to planning their next gathering for both business and pleasure. In addition to offering stunning amenities, The Venetian and The Plazzo in Las Vegas also offers world-class gaming in a luxurious yet comfortable environment.

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