Gambling: FA Cup Winner Odds

The FA Cup is the oldest cup competition in the football world. It is held in England every year, with all professional teams getting a chance to participate. The first round begins early in the season, while a majority of top sides joining the competition in the third or fourth rounds. This season, the bookies believe that one of the top teams is going to claim the trophy. That has not always been the case, with Wigan claiming the cup only two years ago.

FA cup

Bookies believe that Chelsea is the team to beat in the FA Cup. They have a great squad, a top manager, and a winning mentality that makes them a dangerous opponent. They are priced at 6/1. Manchester City, last season’s English Premier League winners, are also at 6/1, The closest they got to the FA Cup in the last couple of years was the final loss to Wigan.

Last year’s winners Arsenal are priced at 9/1. It is unusual for a team to win the FA Cup in consecutive seasons. It is a very unpredictable competition, with upsets very common. Arsenal will need to be at their best and get lucky in a few games to win it.

The best bet for this competition is probably Manchester United. Given their miserable start to the season, that may sound unusual, but there is logic behind this. United have spent heavily in the transfer market, adding 150 million pounds worth of talent. It will take a few months for these players to gel, which means they will find it difficult to win the domestic league. However, their FA Cup journey begins in January. By then, you would expect the likes of Di Maria and Falcao to be in full flow, giving United a huge chance at the trophy. They are priced at 7/1.

Another decent bet are Liverpool. They are a hugely improved team under Brenden Rodgers. They will be going all out to try and win the first trophy under his management. Despite the distraction of the Champions League, the FA Cup will be a major priority for the Anfield club. They are priced at 9/1.

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