Troubled Times Continue for Celebrity Amanda Bynes

Amanda BynesThere was a time when Amanda Bynes was famous for her role in a succession of hit movies. Now the former actress is better known for the trouble she gets herself in on a regular basis. Bynes found herself behind bars this week, having gotten behind the wheel of a car after smoking pot. She was released on bail, but her parents claim they have no idea where she is.

This is only one of the problems Bynes has faced in recent weeks. Reports state that Bynes has been expelled from the fashion school she was attending. She was removed from the educational institution for being repeatedly late, intoxicated because of alcohol/drugs, and for being a negative influence on other students.

Sources close to the website TMZ claim that Bynes would show up to class smelling of marijuana and appearing intoxicated. Instead of focusing in class, she would try to pay off fellow students to do her homework, a flagrant violation of academic rules.

The school, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, was initially tolerant of her behavior. They hoped she would turn things around, while having a famous student helped their image. However, Bynes was eventually deemed too much trouble.

One student who spoke to TMZ about Bynes is Rachel Loritz. She claims that Bynes would rarely attend classes, and when she did it was clear that she was high. She would sit in the back corner of the class with her glasses on, laughing inappropriately the entire lecture.

Other times she was angry, with a propensity towards violence. She would get angry when other students refused to do her homework in exchange for cash or gifts. Ms. Loritz claims that she was also offered money in exchange for homework, but she refused.

There was also an incident where Bynes was caught cheating on a test and given a failing grade for that class. When contacted, the school did not reveal any more information about this matter.

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