Georgia Gambling Ring Sees Several Arrests

An illegal gambling ring in the Bibb County region of Georgia has been broken up by police over the past week. Reports from the area suggest that multiple people have been arrested by the police department in connection with illegal gambling and money laundering. A total of six arrests have been made.

Georgia_Two individuals, a Ms. Kaur and Mr. Patel, have been arrested in violation of rico acts in the state. They are being charged with running an illegal commercial gambling ring. The arrests were brought about after months of investigations by detectives, along with several raids of local businesses.

Reports claim that around ten local businesses, all convenience stores, were raided by the police. A couple of suspects were arrested at their place of business, while three of them were caught at a local mansion where they had been staying. The charges against these suspects include racketeering, illegal commercial gambling, violations of currency reporting, and money laundering. The arrested individuals appear to be from two families, with the suspects bearing the last names Kaur and Patel.

Raids –

The raids of local stores produced the most evidence for police in this case. Stores were raided that had their ownership traced back to a residence at Southern Oaks drive. It appears the stores were basis of operations for the illegal gambling ring. Cashiers, store equipment, notepads, currency, cars and much more were confiscated by police from the convenience stores and the mansion where suspects were arrested.

An agent on the scene said that everything confiscated is believed to have been bought with money that came from the illegal gambling ring. Gaming machines were also found on the scene, which are illegal outside of certified casinos in Georgia.

The machines were supposed to be used for simple games, where customers can bet coins and receive lottery tickets or store items if they win. However, the gambling ring is said to have developed further winning incentives on the machines, which is illegal.

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