Forget to Check that Lottery Ticket? It Could Be a Costly Mistake!

Lottery BallsIn the hustle and bustle of everyday life it is easy to forget to do things. Unexpected tasks emerge, and we have to shift priorities to handle them. However, if you purchased a lottery ticket for Saturday’s Powerball or Big Wednesday ticket, taking the time to check it should be a high priority, because doing so could make you rich!

Though the winning tickets for the $33 million Powerball, and the $22 million Big Wednesday have been purchased, and at publication date they remained unclaimed according to a spokeswoman for the lotteries. Even more significant is the fact that the Powerball jackpot is the largest ever in the history of the game, and the Big Wednesday pot is the third largest in its history.

The winning Powerball ticket was purchased in Auckland on a single ticket, and the winning Big Wednesday ticket was purchased from Pak’nSave Riccarton on a single ticket as well.

LotteryUnclaimed lottery winnings are not an unusual occurrence, as it is estimated that a total of about $10 million goes unclaimed every year. In accordance with lotto rules and regulations, those who have purchased the winning lottery tickets have one year from the date of purchase to claim their winnings. After a year has passed and the money remains unclaimed, it goes back to the lottery. Lottery officials also claim it is not uncommon for someone to lay a claim to their winnings a year and a week or two after the purchase date. However, it must be pointed out that these unclaimed winning tickets are generally in much smaller amounts than those that are currently up for grabs. Moreover, unclaimed winnings only equal about 2% of total lottery payouts, according to lottery officials.

So what is the moral of the story? If you play the lottery, it pays to take a few minutes to check your luck by checking your ticket! Any winnings will be worth the small amount of time it takes to check. And after all, what is the point of gambling and playing the lottery if one doesn’t even take the time to check the ticket?

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