The Dos and Don’ts of Playing Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Online bingo is the kind of fun game you can play while waiting for your tea to brew. It’s a fast game that you can drop in on whenever you like. It’s also a game that can bring you sweet rewards. Is there a trick to playing online bingo? Actually, there are some helpful hints you can follow to get the most of your your next game.

The Bingo Dos:

• Keep an eye out for the bonus balls. Some online bingo casinos offer games with bonus balls. Match up the bonus ball on your card and you’ve got an even greater chance to cash in!

• Look for those online bingo games that offer either a deposit bonus or no deposit to play.

• Go for the big games. If you want to win big you want to play the games that offer more payoffs. Just like playing the slots. What will get you more?

• Meet other players. You’re never alone when you play online bingo and there are plenty of opportunities to meet lots of amazing folks. Join in on the chats. Your new bingo buddies could turn you onto some other great chances to win big.

• Expand your card play. The best way to a jackpot it to play as many cards in a game that you can manage. Some sites offer auto daub which takes the stress out of following the numbers. With that app you can play up to twenty-four cards in one game. If you’re daubing then it’s best to stick with six cards.

• Play on the weekends. Most sites offer bigger jackpots on Friday and Saturday nights. That’s the zone you want to be playing in!

The Bingo Don’ts:

• Walk away from a losing streak. If you hit a rough patch where the numbers aren’t coming your way, take a break. You don’t want to become frustrated with such a fun game.

• Avoid crowded games. The more people who are playing the less likely it is that you’ll come out a winner. Look for games with the least amount of players and jump in.

• Put down the rabbit’s foot. You don’t need a luck charm for playing online bingo. It’s simply a game of random chance. Nothing more and nothing less.

One final suggestion: when you do hit bingo, go ahead and yell it out! Nothing beats that!

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