No Blackjack For The Greeks Unless Approved By The Government

OPAP is the Greek organization of football prognostics and they have been prioritizing gaming companies by the Greek government. They have established a monopoly over many of the different gaming opportunities and this has affected Greek citizens tremendously.


While the European Union’s Court of Justice has ruled that this monopoly status is illegal, it still remains in effect throughout Greece. What this essentially means is that the Greeks are going against what the European Union is calling law. There are new Greek gaming laws coming into effect, though OPAP is still enjoying a significant monopoly on land as well as online – and this is likely to continue until the end of 2020. There are the only provider or online sports betting, blackjack, and other online gaming.

In the past, Greeks have been able to access other online casinos that offer blackjack and other games that are based outside of the country. Now, due to the monopoly and because of new laws in place, Greeks have found that there are 401 online gambling websites that are on a blacklist. These are banned from operating within Greece and cannot offer services to Greeks.

Anyone in Greece who wants to enjoy the game of blackjack will have to do so if it is provided by OPAP and through the OPAP rules. Even though a third of this organization has been sold, the government maintains the monopoly – and this leaves citizens to settle for whatever the organization offers in terms of online gambling.

Greek ISPs have been given the long list of online gambling sites that are banned, which means that access will be blocked. This ensures that everyone is able to comply with the laws since it will be illegal to access these 401 sites. As another way to prevent people from being able to access the 401 sites, the Bank of Greece has also complied with the government and will block financial transactions to and from these sites. Essentially, this means that even if a person were able to get around the access issue, they would still not be able to transfer money into the site in order to be able to gamble.

The 401 companies that made the blacklist include a variety of popular sites including Digital Entertainment, 888 Holding and Poker Heaven.

It is not just blackjack that has been impacted, but all online gaming. Even though the European Union has stepped in, the Greek government maintains the monopoly for the foreseeable future.

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The Complete Guide To Online Gambling

Online casinos have come a lengthy way since the kick off of online gaming. The advancement of online casinos has been outstanding and players feel extensively delighted by gambling. Playing with an infinite and top-notch casino games all comes to simple inkling; either you win or you lose. Online casinos offer amusement and excitement next to any time of the day. The fastest growing industries, online gambling sites are simply a computer generated replica of a traditional casino as well with the games and rules giving the player the scale of an excellent casino game of variety.

Guidelines in support of Casino Players

If you certainly control the recognition in gambling, then you certainly need to complete grasp a number of crucial factors preceding to active playing on the internet casino. It is certainly an authenticity how the internet gambling earth is normally complicated one. You need to get on to a specific path which you are entering into a safe place. Which is why, when you are searching for the internet casino, you need to examine on the suggestions set up by other game fanatics along using the unbeaten odds in the casino? Once the internet casino has increased successful odds, after that it shows a truthful gambling path. The internet casino must really be also an element of the credible accounting firm, which will process all of your accounts and will deposit all of your winnings into your funds.

Since there are a variety of the internet casinos these days, it is complicated to depict, which could be legitimate and, which could be not. However, if you really aspire for getting safe, you have to confirm for the information in the casino website in conditions of validity. If you, in fact, cannot obtain the information, then you certainly need to really not consider the risk. It is very much better which you understand the internet casino instead suitably pass to deposit your funds. Moreover, start with scaled-down amounts, and fix not produce apart your bucks as well soon.